Private Lessons

 $150 the first hour, $100.00 every hour there after. (2 hr minimum)
($0.50 per mile round trip if class will be conducted at your home)
Private lessons for each of the listed courses can be scheduled at your home or at our office. If you would like lessons to be conducted at your home, no live ammo will be brought into your home and we will provide all materials needed for the class. Private lessons will allow one-on-one focus and pace will be established at your comfort level. The goal is to provide a comfortable environment for you to learn firearms safety and marksmanship without the distraction and other impediments associated with classroom mode of learning. Once we get to the range, we will do firearms familiarization including dry-fire before we conduct live fire so you are confident before you fire the first shot.

Course By The Hour – $150 first hour (minimum 2 hours)
If you wish to have private instruction on any aspect of firearms training, we can customize a training plan to meet your needs. Options include classroom work, live fire, or both. Contact us to identify what areas you wish to improve on and together we can develop a plan and schedule the training.

Deposit Now – Balance Due On-site
$50 each student – non refundable (balance due on-site)