We also have some answers to common NON-CCW questions.

Do you assist with the CCW application?
Although we do not complete the application for you, we can assist you if you have any questions completing the application.
Do I take the CCW Course before or after my interview?
Submit your application first and get your interview date. For Riverside County residents you can take the course up to 6 months before your interview and also have the option of taking the course after the interview. For San Diego residents, you must wait until AFTER your interview. Your Issuing Authority (IA) will instruct you to take the course .
Can I qualify for my CCW permit with my spouse’s pistol?
For Riverside County residents, YES. The pistol does not need to be registered in your name as long as it is registered in your spouse’s name and registered in California. Unfortunately, for San Diego residents, the gun MUST be registered in your name.
Can I add another gun to my application AFTER i've submitted already submitted my application?
Yes. Just let us know the make/model/caliber/serial number of the gun BEFORE you attend the course. We’ll update your qualification form with your additional gun.
What caliber pistols can I put on my permit?
For Riverside County, .380 ACP to .45 ACP. For San Diego County .25 ACP to .45 ACP.
Can i have non-California roster guns on my permit?
Yes, as long as you obtained them legally and they are registered in your name in the California Firearms Application Reporting System (CFARS). You can, and should, create an account to update your information when needed and also conduct some transactions like in Firearms Ownership Report to report firearms you obtained and would like to have them registered in your name, and Intra-Familial transfers to transfer guns to qualified family members. Here is the link: https://cfars.doj.ca.gov/login
How many guns can I have on my permit?
Six for Riverside County and unlimited for San Diego County.
I am new to shooting but have shot firearms in the past. Can I attend the CCW Safety Training and Qualification Course to get my CCW permit?
Only those who are INTERMEDIATE LEVEL shooters can attend this course! All participants must be completely proficient with their firearm(s) and can demonstrate their ability to safely draw a loaded firearm from a holster, engage a target from up to 15 yds, correct malfunctions without assistance, and safely re-holster their firearm. Participants who cannot meet these requirements will be directed to get additional training to improve their skills and return at a later date. This is for the safety of all participants.
How can I become an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL shooter so I can attend the CCW Course?
Attend our CCW Prep/ Defensive Pistol course. The course simulates the live fire portion of the CCW Safety Training and Qualification course but is geared toward the novice pistol shooter.
How do I apply for a CCW permit if I am a Riverside County resident?
Go the Riverside County Sheriff’s CCW Unit website.  http://www.riversidesheriff.org/ccw/
How do I apply for a CCW permit if I am a San Diego County resident?
I do not live in Riverside County but would like a CA CCW Permit. Can I attend your course and apply for Riverside or San Diego County CCW permit?
Unfortunately you cannot. You MUST be a resident of the county in which you are applying and provide proof of residency.
When should I start the CCW Renewal process?
180 days before your current permit expires, no sooner.

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