• On the event page, scroll down to the bottom and select payment option (deposit or pay in full).
Once you have made payment, go back to the event page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the “register now” link.
This link takes you to the NRA website. Register here. The information will be used to create your NRA Course Completion Certificate.

–The range fee of $30.00 (as of October 1, 2023, $35.00) is seperate from the class fee and is collected in class. Cash or check only. If you are a member at the Rainbow range, fee is waived.


Private Lessons upon request ($95.00/hr or $170.00 for 2hr/1 person.  

Each Additional person $65.00/hr)

Couples are $250.00/2hr.

 2 hour minimum for reservations. Contact me to schedule day and time. 

 Monday through Friday 

   8AM to 10AM

   9AM to 11AM 

   10AM to 12PM

  1. we provide .22 caliber gun plus ammo. 
  2. Or bring your own gun and ammo. 
  3. You can rent a higher caliber gun/ammo. ($30.00) 
  4. You can try out different guns at the range. Recommended if you don’t know yet what gun you want. ($7 a gun with 5 shot’s each.) 


NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course – Instructor Led Training(ILT) -$145.00/8hr

Everything is provided for this course. Including a .22 pistol, ammo, eye and ear protection plus a NRA book and MQP program.


Lady’s Only – NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course – Instructor Led Training(ILT)-$145.00/8hr

Everything is provided for this course. Including a .22 pistol/ammo, eye and ear protection plus a NRA book and MQP program!


NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation Course-$150.00/3hr

This Program is designed to provide training with your own first gun. Includes a NRA book and MQP program.


CCW PREP/drawing from the holster/clearing malfunctions. Pistol Course-$125.00/3hr

PREREQUISITES: Must have taken a Basic Pistol course or be able to demonstrate safe gun handling. You must have all your own equipment. Including gun/ammo/kydex holster/sturdy belt/electronic hearing protection and eye protection! 


Pistol Fundamentals With Laser Guns (No live fire) -$75.00/3hr -Great for kids!

Learning Objectives for this class will include; gun safety, gun storage, ammunition, types of firearms and their Parts and pieces, shooting fundamentals and your next training. THIS IS A GREAT CLASS FOR KIDS TO LEARN ABOUT GUN OPERATION, PARTS AND PIECES, THE FUNDAMENTALS OF SHOOTING AND SAFTY WITH LASER GUNS! 

NO LIVE FIRE for this course. For an additional $25.00 You have the option to take your FSC test with this class (Need to be 21 years old). 

  • Contact us for scheduling.


Range Practice -Dry Fire/Live Fire-$30.00/3hr

Prerequisites: You already know how to safely operate your gun and now want to send some bullets down range for practice! I am here for safety and some coaching but no lectures. E mail, text or call us to confirm. Meet me at the Instructor I-1 range at Rainbow shooting range. Pay with cash or check at the event. Look for the dark brown Ford Expedition with L&L Firearms Training print on it. 
  • Check back for dates and time.


How to clean/field strip your gun-$20.00

This is a 1 hour class during the week. Temecula location will be sent after I receive a text or email from you to attend.  Steps on how to clean/take your own gun apart. Bring your gun unloaded and locked in a case to class. Leave your ammo at home! If you already have a cleaning kit, plastic gloves and eye protection please bring it with you. If you have questions or need a specific date, please contact me.  

  • Contact me to set a date and time.