A concealed carry weapon permit (or CCW) is the primary means of allowing average residents to carry guns concealed legally in California. In addition, there are many states that honor the CA CCW permit and will allow you to carry concealed and/or open depending on the state. Without a CCW permit, it is a unlawful to carry either a loaded or unloaded gun concealed on your body or in an off-body container such as a purse or backpack.

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State regulation takes into consideration if an individual wants to get a gun permit:

• You possess good character;
• The reason behind getting the license for arms should be genuine like any family member is in danger;

• You meet specific residency necessities; and
• You should have proper firearm training before receiving the permit to use the firearms.

L&L Firearms Training Instructors are certified NRA and USCCA Instructors, NRA Range Safety Officers, California Department of Justice Certified Firearms Instructors and are capable and profoundly fit for educating and training people of all skill levels. Whether you are an amateur, intermediate, or experienced shooter and you want to obtain a CA CCW from Riverside or San Diego County Sheriff’s Department or just figuring out how to get involve with guns for self-defense, sport, or competition, we can work with you every step of the way to accomplish your objectives.

L&L Firearms Training provides CCW Permit Safety Training and Qualification Courses for initial, renewal, and permit modification applicants all of which have been approved by Riverside and San Diego Sheriff’s.

L&L Firearms Training CCW Course covers topics required by both Riverside and San Diego Sheriff’s Departments in addition to important topics to aid you in avoiding and/or winning a defensive situation. Areas that are covered include:

CCW as it applies to the United States and its territories.
• CA CCW Requirements.
• Permit holders responsibilities.
• Introduction to holster systems.
• Common mistakes for first-time permit holders.
• Keys to being a hard target.
• Applicable laws for use of deadly force.
• Applicable California Penal Codes.
• Applicable State and Federal laws.
• Shot placement over caliber.
• Best caliber to shoot.
• Revolver vs. semi-auto.
• Self-defense ammunition.
• Cleaning pistols.
• Firearms safety rules.
• Range safety rules.
• Marksmanship fundamentals review.
• Five step presentation from the holster and reholstering.
• Techniques for safely loading and unloading pistols.
• Clearing common weapons malfunctions.
• Engaging targets with dry and live fire.
• Search and assess

Per CA DOJ requirements, the INITIAL course is 8 hours, the RENEWAL course is 4 hours. For those conducting pistol modifications, the requirement is to qualify with each pistol you wish to add to your permit. Riverside applicants will qualify with each pistol shooting 6 rounds from 7, 10, and 15 yards at a standard B-27 target. San Diego applicants will shoot 5 rounds from 3, 5, and 7 yards. In addition, INITIAL applicants will participate in live fire training from the holster.

Note that this course is for INTERMEDIATE pistol shooters only! No beginners. Students must be able to manipulate their safely in a group environment without assistance from instructors. You will be evaluated on your safe gun handling skills and your ability to obey range rules. Failure to demonstrate these safety checks will result in failing the course. If you feel you require pre-training to meet these requirements, contact us for private lessons.

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