Winchester/NRA Defensive Pistol 1 & 2

Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program Overview

The Winchsester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is a skill development program. It has been the flagship of NRA’s training development programs since 1903. Instructors and coaches use the qualification program as a guideline to train new shooters of all ages in their clubs. Individuals who are not members of organized clubs also use this tool to develop their own shooting skills.

Progression is self-paced and scores are challenging but attainable. Performance is measured against established par scores: any shooter who meets or exceeds those scores are entitled to the corresponding recognition awards for that rating.

Based on the honor system, shooters acquire large discipline patch at the onset of the program and, as each rating is earned, they are entitled to all of the corresponding awards for that rating. Each rating level has a skill rocker, medal, pin, and certificate award that recognizes and highlights achievements.

The courses of fire in the qualification program are designed to take a shooter from beginning skill levels (Pro Marksman and Marksman) through intermediate levels (Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, and Expert) up to the nationally recognized skill level  and pinnacle of the program, Distinguished Expert. By the time a shooter completes the Distinguished Expert rating in rifle, pistol, and shotgun, he/she has attained a proficiency parallel that of a competitively classified Sharpshooter.

Defensive Pistol 1 and 2

These events are designed for the more experienced novice pistol shooter who are confident in their static shooting abilities and wish to learn defensive pistol shooting skills. This is a very basic course that will provide you with a solid foundation from which you can improve upon in future training sessions. It is not a competition nor is it a speed drill.

Defensive Pistol 1 – $30

Shooting from the bench to cover –

Shooters will learn to move from bench to cover with loaded and unloaded pistols. They will shoot from left and right sides of cover and from standing and kneeling positions. Magazine changes will be incorporated in the higher skill ratings as well as timers for each course of fire.

Equipment Needed

  • Defensive Pistol of shooters choice
  • At least 2 magazines
  • At least 200 rds of ammo
  • Recommend a back up gun in the event of an on-site un-repairable weapon malfunction

Defensive Pistol 2 $30

Shooting from open and concealed holster –

Shooters will learn to draw from holsters both open and concealed using the NRA method. They will learn to engage targets facing different directions in the higher skill levels.

Equipment Needed

  • Defensive Pistol of shooters choice
  • Level 1 hoster (only outside the waistband level 1 holsters!)
  • At least 2 magazines
  • Shirt or jacket for concealment
  • At least 240 rds of ammo
  • Recommend a back up gun in the event of an on-site un-repairable weapon malfunction

$20 range fee will be collected at the range for those who are not members of Rainbow Shooting Range.

Defensive Pistol 1 $30 each student

Defensive Pistol 2 $30 each student

Both Courses $60 each student

Deposit Now – Balance Due at Class
$20 each student – non refundable (balance due on-site)

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