All sales are local pickup only. We do not ship. Payments are cash or check at pick up or time of DROS.

To put a product on hold, contact us at or (951)970-1018. Adding to cart will not hold your product for you nor will it allow you to pay online.

IMPORTANT!!! All firearms and ammo transactions MUST be conducted at our location. Once you have made the purchase (or prior to purchase) contact us to schedule a date/time to process the Dealer Record Of Sale (DROS). Read the required documentation for purchasing a firearm and ammunition by clicking on applicable link(s):
–Required documents for firearms purchase
–Required documents for ammunition purchase

DROS Fee: $37.19
Standard Ammo Eligibility Check (if you are in the CFAR’s System) $1.00 and no wait
Basic Ammo Eligibility Check (if you are NOT in the CFAR’s System) $19.00 and wait for approval.