Pistol Fundamentals

$65 each student (plus $25 range fee)

Prerequisites: None

Length of course: 3 hour

This course introduces one pistol of the students choice, preferably the students own pistol. It is not a complete pistol course but will provide the student with all the information needed to safely handle a pistol and marksmanship skills needed to shoot the pistol accurately. Students will demonstrate proficiency with a .22 semi-auto pistol which is provided. If the student does not own a pistol yet and would like to try different pistols, high caliber pistols can be rented for $5 each which includes 5 rds of ammunition.

This is NOT an NRA-approved course however NRA safety and marksmanship fundamentals are the backbone for this course.

Required Materials for students: Firearm in lockable pistol case, 50 rounds of ammo, pen and highlighter. Additional pistols are available for $5 each.


Hearing and eye protection will be provided if needed.

Course Outline:
Pistol Safety
Pistol Familiarization
Range Safety
Pistol Marksmanship Fundamentals
Follow Up Training Opportunities
Pistol Shooting From the Standing Position
Final thoughts

$25 range fee will be collected at the range.

Full Payment Rainbow Shooting Range Members
$65 each student (cash price. Add 3% for credit card transactions)

Deposit Now – Balance Due at Class
$25 each student– non-refundable (no credit card fee applied. balance due on-site)

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send check to: L&L Firearms Training, LLC 39318 Kimberly Lane, CA 92591.

Cash, check, or debit accepted in class.

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