Other Courses and Services

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Training Course
$150 with BIT’s, $120 without BIT’s

Learn the knowledge and skills necessary for developing certified NRA Range Safety Officers. Candidates must have completed and be certified NRA Range Safety Officers in order to attend this course.

NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course
$100 per student. No range time.
Learn the knowledge and skills necessary for becoming a certified NRA Range Safety Officer and earn extra money providing your services at shooting ranges and shooting events. This is a nine hour course with no range time. Students must pass a written exam.

Private Lessons
Course Fee plus additional $100 per person
 $100/hour (minimum 2 hours)
 Private lessons will allow one-on-one focus and pace will be established at your comfort level. The goal is to provide a comfortable environment for you to learn firearms safety and marksmanship without the distraction and other impediments associated with classroom mode of learning. Once we get to the range, we will do firearms familiarization including dry-fire before we conduct live fire so you are confident before you fire the first shot. more…

Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC)
$25 per person
Get your Firearms Safety Certificate in a quiet stress free environment in just a few minutes. Before you take the short test you will be provided with a study guide or you can study at home. The test is composed of 30 multiple choice questions and must pass with a 75%. Once you have passed the test, you will receive your FSC card which will be good for 5 years. more…

Front Sight Commander Lifetime Membership

$400 Per Membership – Become a Front Sight Commander Lifetime Member and attend over 50 courses for FREE. Membership can also be willed to your heirs so it is truly a lifetime membership. Many other benefits to take advantage of at all their resorts.
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