AR15 – NRA FIRST Steps Rifle Course

Event Details

This event finished on 08 June 2019

Course Fee $85 per student

This course introduces the AR15 semi-auto rifle to the student and expands on the NRA FIRST Steps Rifle Orientation Course. The student will complete the NRA course and will receive an NRA course completion certificate. This course will focus on the AR15 and cover in more detail other aspects of marksmanship such as ballistics, optics, and zeroing sights. The objective of this course is to instruct the student on their own rifle or help students decide what AR15 rifle to purchase. If the student does not have his/her own rifle, then one will be provided. This is not a complete rifle course as taught in the more comprehensive NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course but will provide the student with all the information needed to safely handle and operate an AR15 as well as marksmanship skills needed to shoot the rifle accurately. Twenty rounds of ammo will be provided. The student is welcome to bring more ammo if he/she wants more trigger time.

$25 range fee will be collected at the range.

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